Setting up of New Modern Poultry Units Scheme


1. 25% of cost of Plant and Machinery will be granted as subsidy subject to maximum of Rs.2.00 lakhs to any individual for setting up Poultry Units. The minimum unit size should be 2000 broilers (500 broilers per fortnight) or 5000 layers.

2. The beneficiary can start a Unit with his own finance or by availing loan from the Financial Institution. In case the beneficiary avails loan from Financial Institution subsidy will be released through the concerned Financial Institution.

Plant and Machinery includes:

  • Poultry shed
  • Cages in case of cage system
  • Store room
  • First batch of day old chicks/layers
  • Water pump and water tank
  • Feather plucker
  • Feeders and waterers
  • Electric fittings.


Any individual having some experience in Poultry Keeping


  • The unit should be located in Goa.
  • The subsidy will be released only after completion of the 1st batch of Poultry Birds.
  • Subsidy is admissible only for new equipments/machinery.

The beneficiary should run the unit for a minimum period of 10 years and an Agreement in this regard is to be signed by the beneficiary with the Department.


The Project Report of the proposed Unit is to be submitted to the Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services through the Area Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director alongwith the following documents.

  • Documents indicating ownership of land in Form I & XIV or copy of Lease Deed or N.O.C. from the Landlord in case of Tenants.
  • In case of lease the same should be for a minimum period of 10 years from the date of starting the Unit.
  • In case of Tenants NOC from the Landlord to run the unit for a minimum period of 10 years should be obtained from Panchayat/Municipality.
  • The concerned Officer after inspecting the site will submit the application to the Directorate with his observations.
  • The Project Report/papers will be scrutinized and approval of the project will be sent to the applicant.
  • After completion of the Unit, the following documents are required to be submitted by the applicant for release of subsidy.
    • Bill, Vouchers pertaining to constructions.
    • Purchase receipt of equipments, machinery and 1st batch of poultry birds.
    • Valuation certificate of shed and stores from approved valuer.
    • The Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director will submit all these documents alongwith completion certificate to the Director of Animal Husbandry.
  • The Dy. Director will inspect the Unit and submit his observations for sanctioning the subsidy by the Department.
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