Scheme for Tribal & Scheduled Caste families - Dairy Kit


The Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe have been encouraged to take up Dairy & Poultry Farming. However, the same has not found favour with the community because they are basically poor and do not have the infrastructure and equipments to carry on the trade. The community has on the overall remained backward due to social stigma and due to their poor financial background. Special schemes have to be allocated so that the benefits proposed by the Government reach the beneficiaries.

The scheme gives them equipments of dairy use required by a Dairy farmer to conduct his business.


  • To provide assistance to the backward classes.
  • To provide equipment and utensils to help in the Dairy farming.
  • To encourage the tribal population, Scheduled Caste to go in for Animal Husbandry activities.


  • The proposed beneficiaries/Farmer should have at least one milch animal (Local Cow/Buffaloes).
  • Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificates from Sarpanch or Mamlatdar.
  • Xerox copy of Ration Card duly certified by gazette Officer.

Procedure for Application:

  • No fees will be charged.
  • Application form should be accompanied with caste/tribe certificate.
  • The assistance is a onetime assistance per family.

Pattern of Assistance:

A kit will be provided to each eligible beneficiary free of cost.

Items of general use of a Dairy farmer will be given to the farmers as assistance.

The total value of items given shall not exceed Rs. 5000/-. Each family is entitled to one kit. The items from the kit shall consist of ghamella steel bucket, steel cans, steel vessels, spade, brush, steel pot, feeding trough and a storage tank for storage of water.

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