Infrastructure Development Scheme

Objective: -
To assist farmers to construct/repair existing cattle shed and thereby adopt modern animal husbandry practices and rear healthy animals.

Objectives of the Scheme:-
The main objectives of the scheme is
  • To facilitate the farmers in Goa to construct their own pucca cattle shed with bank finance and Government subsidy
  • To assist farmers in extension of pucca cattle shed.

  • All farmer residing in Goa
  • He should have a minimum of 10 animals
  • Unemployed youth will be given preference.

Documents to be produced:-
  • Ownership documents and Form I & XIV or copy of lease deed or NOC from the property owner incase of a tenant.
  • Construction License from Panchayat / Municipality.
  • Letter from Bank financing the construction of shed.
  • Passport size photograph duly attested by a Gazetted officer, MLA/MP.

Procedure For Application:-
  • The farmer who desires to avail of the Infrastructure subsidy of the Government for the construction / extension of cattle shed should apply in the prescribed application form available with the Departmental sub- offices.
  • A non-refundable processing fee of Rs 100/- (One hundred only) will be collected separately at the time of submission of application.
  • The local Officer shall scrutinize the application and on processing the cases (within15 days) the Assistant Director/ Veterinary Officer of the respective Hospital/Dispensary shall submit the applications to the Director of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services.
  • Applications should be received in duplicate along with all the documents as mentioned in guideline of the scheme.
  • The Applications need not be linked to the Kamadhenu scheme. In case the farmer does not have sufficient animals he should give a plan of action or submit a comprehensive note on the purchase of animals certified by the local Veterinary officer and the Beneficiary

The Applicant will have to produce the following documents:-
  • He should submit documents of ownership of land and Form I & XIV or copy of lease deed or NOC from the property owner incase of a tenant. a )In case of lease, the same should be for a minimum period of 15 years from the date of starting the unit. b )In case of tenant NOC from property owner to run the business for a period of minimum 15 years
  • Construction license from the concerned Panchayat / Municipality showing the area under construction.
  • Plan of the proposed cattle shed duely approved by the Panchayat / Municipality.
  • The beneficiary will have to apply for the loan separately with the financial institution stating that the farmer has been advanced a loan for the cattle shed to house from 10 upto 20 animals.

  • The following Documents are required to release the subsidy
    • On completion of the shed the beneficiary shall submit a consolidated bill of the shed along with expenditure receipts, to the Government Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director of respective area who shall inspect and attest the same. The same shall be countersigned by the respective Financing Institution, who in turn, will submit the same to the Directorate of AH & V S for release of the corresponding subsidy.
    • He should have at least the animals as per the construction of the shed. i.e if the shed is for 10 animals then atleast 10 animals should be in the possession of the farmer at the time of release of subsidy.
    • A certificate of valuation from an authorized/ recognized valuer.
    • Completion certificate from Panchayat / Municipality.
    • For the release of subsidy the minimum carpet area will be worked out as 5.4 sq mts per animal � and Rs 5000/- is subsidy per animal for a maximum of 20 animals.
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