Objective: -
To assist farmers to construct/repair existing cattle shed and thereby adopt modern animal husbandry practices and rear healthy animals.


  • All farmers in the Western Ghats Area having minimum of five milk animals irrespective of income status are eligible.
  • Farmers who have availed such benefits in the past shall not be eligible for the scheme.
  • The farmer need not apply for Bank Finance and can utilize money from his own rewource.


  • The farmer must necessarily produce Form 1 & 14 or N.O.C. from the land lord of atleast 5 years.
  • The farmer should apply for the scheme in the prescribed format given by the Department.


  • The farmers should submit the application form to the Local Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director together with.
    • Form 1 & 14/NOC from Landlord/Lease Deed.
    • Plan of Cattle Shed
    • N.O.C. from Panchayat for repair or renovation of existing kaccha cattle Shed.
    • Photo of existing cattle shed.
  • The Local Officer will submit the same to Head Office for due scrutiny and approval.
  • On receipt of the approval order, the farmer may undertake due repairs/renovation of shed.
  • On Completion of shed the farmer should give in writing the completion of
    • Renovation of shed including manager and flooring.
    • Drawing System
    • Dung Pit.
    • Water Storage tank.
    • To the local Veterinary Officer/Assistant Director, who in turn will put his remarks and issue an Utilization Certificate and submit the same to head Office for approval towards renovation, alongwith the photo of the renovated cattle shed, bills/vouchers.
    • The subsidy of Rs. 15,000 shall be released to the farmers on completion and verification of work by the local Veterinary Officers/Assistant Directors and Head Office.
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